The Vessel — Kathryn Kulman

I first read about Kathryn (not Katherine, or Catherine) in the book “Good morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn and have been fascinated by her ministry and how God moved in her and showcased the wonders of the Holyspirit through her ministry.

When I picked up her biography, I wanted to know where and how she started, what she did right, and how God moved so magnificently in this earthly vessel.

I just finished reading the book “Kathryn Kulman — Daughter of Destiny” written by James Buckingham, and I’ve been praying, and thanking God, for the gift of the Holyspirit.

The Holyspirit is more, more than we attribute to Him. I saw it in her life. Hers was so evident that people who knew her said “Her face Glows” when the spirit comes upon her. She embodied the power of God, they were inseperable. People fell under annointing at just the sight of her.

What a marvelous thing!

How I love Kathryn💕

She wasn’t perfect in any way. In fact she was far from it.

The ugly;

1. She was human just like everyone else. Flawed even in ways a moralist wouldn’t try to tread(Imagine absconding from ministry with a married man?).

2. She was rigid, and honestly “lied” in so many ways. She lied about her age, the city where she was born, and sometimes, of ever being married.

3. She got jealous when she learnt some other ministers were getting into her ministry — healing ministry. Towards the end of her life, she became even personal about it. Fighting hard to protect her ministry. Unknown to her, this ministry wasn’t hers. It belonged to the Holyspirit.

4. Doubts? She had a good dose of it. She constantly feared that one day, she would climb the altar and find that the power was all gone. And this was why several times in the book, I’d read her pacing up and down the tunnel, begging God not to take the Holy spirit from her.

Now, isn’t it obvious that God didn’t care about her flaws? God was bent on using this vessel no matter the disfiguration. Despite all her
failures and shortcomings, she proved that God could take even the most
imperfect of creatures and use her as an instrument to reflect His glory. In death, as in life, God was glorified through her.

Romans 11:29 (NKJV): For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

It didn’t matter what she had done, or where she erred, her human nature or frailty. The power of God was just so evident in her life, and God’s arms were always open to her, whenever she returns.

Bring this back to yourself for a moment. Do you think God is angry with you? Taken the Holy spirit from you? I don’t think so. God’s arm will always be open for you, and you don’t have to turn your back from him. He’s not keeping your records, he wants you to come.

Kathryn always came back to God. After the disastrous marriage, she realized herself and came straight back to God. Her ministry soared more than ever before afterward. God was waiting for her all the while, just as He’s waiting for you too.

Kathryn had the good stuff going on too, that outweighs the bad even.

  1. Kathryn Kulman was a woman who believed in doing big things. Think big. Act big. Talk big,” she told her associates. “For we have a big God.”

When Katherine attended events, it didn’t matter to her if there were only 12 persons in the room, she spoke to them like they were a thousand.

2. Katherine treated everyone equally, according to her, “Everyone is loved the same by God, and are God’s children”. Her humility endeared many people to her.

3. Katherine was dedicated, consistent, and she didn’t play small. We can see this standard evident in the lives of great ministers of God today.

What do you have in your hand? How dedicated are you to it? Does it seem so small, that you treat it with levity?

If Katherine did, her ministry wouldn’t have grown the way it did.

4. Despite her fears, Kathryn was a confident woman who knew the power she carried and revelled in it. She was a perfectionist. She lived and embodied excellence. For every tape that went out, press release, tv recordings, she ensured they were perfect.

5. She was a woman of faith.

Here’s a story.

When Katherine was planning a revival in Denver during the great depression, she had only $5, but the revival was going to cost more. Churches suffered at this time because members were poor and couldn’t give as much. Her associates were worried as to whether it would be wise to continue on such a mission with $5.

But Kathryn just laughed and said “If we serve a God who is limited to our finances, then we’re serving the wrong God. He’s not limited to what we have or who we are. If He can use somebody like me to bring souls into the kingdom, He can certainly use our five dollars and multiply it just as easily as He multiplied the loaves and fishes for the people on the hillside. Now go on up to Denver. Find me the biggest building you can. Get the finest piano available for Helen. Fill the place up with chairs. Take out a big ad in the Denver Post and get spot announcements on all the radio stations. This is God’s business, and we’re going to do it in God’s way. Big.”

Reckless faith!

Crazy faith!

And what do you think happened?

They moved with $5, brass, and faith, what was supposed to be a 2 weeks revival in Denver, lasted 5 years, because God moved powerfully.

Kathryn was not able to enter the Promised Land she envisaged. A time when the all sick people who enters her auditorium will be healed. She was of a different generation. She was the pioneer, showing us the way, taking us to the shore
of Jordan. She was the John the Baptist of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Now it is up to us to see it come to pass—in all the churches of the land.

Kathryn’s gone. But the Holy Spirit is still alive.

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all
flesh … And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days
will I pour out my spirit … And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the
earth … And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of
the Lord shall be delivered … (Joel 2:28-30, 31)

I hope the life of Kathryn inspires you as much as it inspired me.



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