Musings #7: Dear Queen: Where is your Crown?


I grew up for almost 16+ years of my life believing that a woman’s virginity is her crown.

But before you get ahead with this article? A simple question: If a woman's virginity is her crown, why do queens wear crown on their heads and not in their private parts?

You get the drift now?

If your virginity is your crown how about the ladies that do not have a hymen?
The ones raped?
The queens who are breaking and shattering status quo, taking the world unawares, with the world giving no thoughts about their sexuality?

Women in Africa have been raised with the mindset which tries to shun them, make them shrink while indoctrinating them with outcast values which cannot stand the test of time.

A culture where women are taught that their virginity and sexuality defines their worth. Which in turn produces women who objectify themselves, feeling that their sexuality is the only thing they can bring to the table. And the male counterparts have to make a ‘bid' for it.

Women grow up for the most part feeling insecure, closing their legs, preserving their "crowns" until one day, they 'lose' it (or so they think) and then eventually find out few moments later that - their crown never went away., and nothing’s changed. The adventurous ones throw caution to the wind, and proceed to have sex with reckless abandon.

Is sexual immorality on the rise? Men, women, frolicking and bashing at random?
You have part of the riddle solved here.

You have it here, mis-indoctrination (if there's a word like that).

Dear queen, your virginity(sexuality) isn't your "crown".
You're a virgin because, you have a hymen which has not been broken through sexual intercourse.

Your crown is within you.
Your crown is your power.
You do not need to be a virgin or marry as a virgin to wear your crown and carry your self like a queen that you are.

Dear queen, this is not to justify immorality. Morality shouldn’t be thrown to the wind, as a queen, your privates are royalty too, just like every other part of you, you don’t have to allow every object of satisfaction inside. It is premium, should be reserved for your premium king.

And from a religious standpoint, queens should abstain from all appearance of evil. A queen should be modest in appearance, queenly in words and in deeds.

Do you now know what defines your Queenship? Your head!

Your head wears the crown!

Okonjo Iweala, Oby, Ire, Odun, Margaret, Michelle, all queens, who cares if they’re virgins? Ever even heard of anyone talking about these women involving sexuality?
Who cares? No one
Who mentions it? No one

Dear diary, please keep this letter to young queens, who need clarification as to where their queenship lies, let them read this and know that it is not down there. And hence, not let anyone objectify them.

A queens true worth, is in what she carries.

A true queen knows what she wants, she’s fearless, and with each stride going towards her goal. The worth of a true queen isn’t in her sexuality.

Wear your crown, QUEEN!



Community Relations Aficionado | I find fulfilment when I teach what I learn

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Amarachi Johnson-Ubah

Community Relations Aficionado | I find fulfilment when I teach what I learn